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Paragon Honda Lands Page One for 2012 Honda Civic

Paragon Honda Lands Page One for 2012 Honda Civic
Molly Troha

The term “Social Media” has really gone through an impressive evolution in recent years. It started out as a very broad term that didn’t necessarily apply to any one entity, and has since been transformed to account for all different types of social media mediums.

For instance, if you’ve ever frequented, you’ll notice Twitter has made its way into the trend results. In its inception, Google trends would spawn the “hot” searched items with blog posts and various online publications as its main source, but now, it displays all the “hot” searched items as a mini-Twitter feed.

Recently, Paragon Honda shared multiple pages for the 2012 Honda Civic on its Twitter page. In a short amount of time, Paragon Honda became the TOP search result when searching “2012 Honda Civic” on Google. Tier10, the ad agency responsible for Paragon Honda’s marketing and advertising efforts, implemented these emerging social media tactics into its marketing plan with favorable results. What’s even more impressive is how comprehensive the social media web world is becoming, and how quickly and efficiently an online entity, such as Paragon Honda, can become on an ever-expanding search engine like Google.


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