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Musician Daria Musk Goes Viral, Reaching a Global Audience Through Google+ Hangout

Musician Daria Musk Goes Viral, Reaching a Global Audience Through Google+ Hangout
Joseph Olesh

Facebook users are migrating to Google’s new social network, Google+, for innovative features like the Hangout technology, which allows 10 people to interact on live video simultaneously. The new technology has created a buzz in the social media world, with one of its most exciting uses being the first official virtual concert performed by singer/songwriter Daria Musk.

Pushing the limits of this new Google+ technology, Musk performed a 6.5 hour virtual concert that became a worldwide phenomenon, ultimately reaching thousands of viewers around the globe, from Norway to Australia to Argentina. With the support of Google, whose Director of Engineering, Chee Chew, attended the concert and provided technical assistance all throughout, Daria performed all night for fans who created an etiquette of staying for a few songs before leaving the Hangout so that fans-in-waiting could jump in.

From a technology perspective, Daria’s concert changed how Google+ Hangouts are used and perceived. Post concert, Chew posted, “just had the privilege of attending the first known pro level Hangout jam session.”

“While Facebook has created a platform that has changed the way people connect online through sharing pictures and updates, Google+ took it one step further by allowing people to interact in real time with video and voice capabilities, changing the very nature of how people socialize on these networks,” said Sean Wolfington, owner of Tier10, which created and implemented the digital marketing strategy for Grammy Award-winning musician Shakira and now represents Musk. “Traditionally record labels dictated which artists get exposure. Now Google+ turns fans into friends by allowing them to collaborate directly with the artist; it’s changing the music industry.”

“Google+ changed my life on Saturday night because I was able to connect with fans from all around the world,” said Musk. “My heart is bursting with joy and I’m forever changed.”

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