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iOS 5 Twitter Integration: Tweet is the New Text

iOS 5 Twitter Integration: Tweet is the New Text
Molly Troha

When Apple announced the arrival of iOS 5, they highlighted the main features, like the Notifications Center, iMessage, Newsstand, and Reminders. Though one of the biggest features announced was the integration of Twitter on any iOS 5-powered device.

In the options menu, there will be a Twitter option that will do the following: install the official Twitter application, allow the user to integrate their personal Twitter account, and synchronize Twitter contacts with phone contacts. The user can then edit their Twitter preferences as they would online, like choosing “Find Me by Email” or “Add Tweet Location” options.

Twitter is automatically enabled in Photos, Camera, Safari, YouTube, and Maps. This means if a user wants to tweet a photo, video, location, or webpage they can do so right from that location. The user can choose to “share,” and a “Tweet” button will be included in the options. If chosen, the user can edit their tweet and send.

If sharing a photo from an iOS 5 device, the service hosting the photos is Photobucket, Twitter’s photo sharing platform. When sharing YouTube videos, they will automatically be embedded on the Twitter website.

The iOS 5 user will receive notifications from Twitter just as they would for texts messages and emails. This option can be toggled on and off within the Twitter settings.

The integration of Twitter to Apple products is a decision that will benefit both parties. Twitter has gained more control by eliminating the need for users to use third party applications and with iOS 5, Apple has once again made their products more user-friendly.


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