Auto Dealer Defends Honda Against Consumer Reports | Tier10lab
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Auto Dealer Defends Honda Against Consumer Reports | Tier10lab

Renowned Auto Dealer Defends Honda Civic, Disagrees with Consumer Reports
Molly Troha

Auto Remarketing interviewed Paragon Honda‘s Brian Benstock to get his take on the recently issued Consumer Reports, which for the first time in years, did not assign the 2012 Honda Civic a high test score.

They spoke to Benstock the day after the Consumer Reports issue was released. He was shocked, according to Auto Remarketing, explaining “he is having ‘zero complaints’ from customers, who are hurriedly snatching 2012 Civics up so fast that ‘[Paragon] can’t keep them in stock’…and while trying not to disparage Consumer Reports, he said: ‘In this instance, I absolutely disagree with what they’re saying.'”

Even with the Honda Civic being recommended by Consumer Reports for the last 5 of 10 years, they stated the test score for the Civic was simply too low for them to recommend it. But Auto Remarketing reports that “the less-than-favorable rating from Consumer Reports doesn’t appear to parallel consumer interest in the Civic.” When asking Brian Benstock how many 2012 Civics Paragon Honda has sold, he replied with a laugh — because he has sold all of them. He has no 2012 Honda Civics left and told Auto Remarketing, “If I had another hundred, I could have sold another hundred.'”

It remains to be seen how the newest generation of the Honda Civic will fair within the marketplace. This is mainly due to production and supply issues that many Japanese automakers are dealing with right now as a result of the earthquake. But if the 2012 Civics keep selling like they have at Paragon Honda, it seems that Consumer Reports‘ opinion may be drowned out by the public opinion.

A Tier10 client, Benstock is known as one of the nation’s top automotive dealers. Recently, Paragon Honda and Acura grew from #17 to the #1 New & Certified Pre-Owned Honda & Acura Dealer in the U.S. in a short 6 month period.

“Overall, it was our best year in business despite being the worst year in the industry,” said Benstock. “We had a record year for volume and profitability during a record low year for the car business.” The biggest thing that impacted Paragon’s growth was changing their marketing, sales and service strategy last June. “We had an in-house ad agency but decided to bring on an outside company to help us build and implement a new plan to grow our business,” said Benstock.

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