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Tier10 Client Featured on USA Today | Tier10lab

Tier10 Client Featured on USA Today
Molly Troha

Tier10 client Scott Robinson Honda has been featured on USA Today. The article and video focus on Scott Robinson Honda’s social media practices. With 4000+ “Likes” on Facebook and 135+ check-ins, Scott Robinson Honda has established itself as a leader in automotive social media marketing.

Jefferson Graham, of USA Today, interviewed John Pohlig of Scott Robinson Honda about the company’s presence on the web. Regarding Scott Robinson Honda’s Facebook page, Pohlig says, “We’re building our relevance out there. Our objective is to reach as many people as possible. Over the long run, this will help build our business and our company.” Forty-one percent of dealerships now have Facebook pages and are utilizing them as a marketing tool to build relationships and interact with their consumer base.

Scott Robinson Honda contributes much of its success to placing its marketing needs in the hands of a marketing firm. By going to a firm that specializes in automotive marketing, a dealer knows they are maximizing their potential in all areas. For example, the tabletop ad featured in the video — and seen in the screen shot above — is utilizing QR Code technology.

Print ads with QR Code integration link the print ad directly to online media. Once scanned by a mobile phone, the user will be immediately directed to the web page deemed by the code. This specific ad directs the consumer to the Scott Robinson Honda Facebook page. Ads like this can feature discounts, contests, promotions and the like, all of which serve as an incentive for consumers to scan and follow.

Social media is an important part of an integrated marketing strategy. It is not only important for a business’ brand and reputation, but also for sales. Consumers are now completing a large part of their research online, as opposed to visiting multiple dealerships to make purchase decisions. By engaging its audience and getting involved in the conversation, a business builds its presence, increases its relevance and contributes to the overall growth of the company.