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Mercedes-Benz Concept A-Class Integrates Smartphone | Tier10lab

Mercedes-Benz Integrates Smartphone Functions into Dash Interface [VIDEO]
Molly Troha

In the Concept A-Class, Mercedes-Benz created an interface that allows the consumer to use their smartphone in the car. After plugging the phone into the car, all the menus, settings, apps, contacts and emails are transferred to the infotainment system on the dash.

The dash is customized based on the user’s smartphone, including full integration of Twitter and Facebook. This gives the user constant connectivity to the cloud and lets him or her remain networked throughout the day.

Mercedes minimizes driving distraction by including a simple rotary control feature and text-to-speech translation of emails. The design is aimed to be an easy to use, intuitive and safe dashboard system.

Mercedes’ targeted demographic is the “digital native” generation — those born and raised in a world full of digital technology. The Connectivity dash caters to those who would like constant access to social apps, emails and SMS text.

As mobile usage continues to increase, there will be a large consumer audience who will want their car to come with these features. The concept is still in trial stage and is expected to be available in two to three years.

Watch the video below for more details and a demonstration of the Concept A-Class interface.