The World's Top Honda Dealer Defends the Civic | Tier10lab
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The World's Top Honda Dealer Defends the Civic | Tier10lab

The World’s Top Honda Dealer Defends Civic Against New York Times Review
  • On September 27, 2011

Brian Benstock of Paragon Honda says The New York Times is wrong about the 2012 Honda Civic. Benstock says its reliability, pricing, and fuel economy make the 2012 Civic the perfect car for the New York driver. In a “Behind the Wheel” review published September 23rd, columnist John Pearley Huffman wrote:

“The car is, for the most part, a mild revamping of the eighth-generation coupes and sedans that went on sale for the 2006 model year. Most of the mechanical elements carry over in a new shell that’s even less visually interesting than before.”

But Benstock is a fan of the all-new 2012 Honda Civic, a vehicle that he says has been a challenge to keep in stock due to the overwhelming demand. Its launch early in the summer delivered an unparalleled level of variety, with standard coupe and sedan models, two sporty Si versions, one hybrid, one natural-gas alternative-fuel variant and an all-new model, the Civic HF, which delivers a targeted EPA-estimated fuel-economy rating of 41 mpg on the highway. Benstock assures that the 2012 Honda Civic has remained a standout in the compact segment, with all the value, reliability, sporty performance and efficiency drivers come to expect from the iconic vehicle.

“Honda is a great brand that has had many great products. It is interesting to me that Huffman mentions the Prelude and S2000 as cars that were influential,” says Benstock, Vice President and General Manager of Paragon Honda. “These cars are great, but do not hold a candle to the Civic and its track record, nor did they have nearly the branding for Honda as the Civic did.”

Benstock continues, “Honda will stick to what they know. The market expects home-runs every time. When Honda hits a triple, publications are quick to criticize. The value, reliability and affordability of the product will prevail as it always has. Paragon Honda offers the 2012 Civic for $6 per day while no other car in today’s economy can boast the features and dependability at this price point and have the heritage of the 9th generation Civic.”

Earlier this year, Consumer Reports called the 2012 Civic LX “less agile” and having a “lower interior quality” than the prior model, while also saying it “suffers from a choppy ride, long stopping distances, and pronounced road noise.” In response, Benstock told Auto Remarketing that he disagrees with Consumer Reports’ analysis of the 9th Generation Civic, assuring the vehicle has been very well-received by the consumer. To read the full article, click here.

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