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Tier10 Client Hamilton Honda Awards Army Officer with New Honda Civic


Together with her three children, Seron Verrett, a Browns Mills resident who has served 18 years in the Army National Guard of the United States, celebrated Veteran’s Day in her brand new 2012 Honda Civic LX, after a random drawing declared her the lucky winner of the car.

Verrett did not think much about entering her name in the random drawing that ultimately awarded her with a brand new 2012 Honda Civic LX, courtesy of Hamilton Honda. On that spring day, Verrett was in the dealership servicing her 2003 Honda Accord, and in the process, struck a deal she could not resist to drive home in a fully-equipped 2005 Honda Odyssey. Ever since, she had been the happy owner of two very “comfortable and reliable” Hondas, she says.

Last month, Verrett received a call that she is still trying to process. It was Mike Saporito, owner of Hamilton Honda, congratulating her for being the lucky winner of the drawing.

“I couldn’t believe it! I said to him, ‘Are you kidding? Is this some kind of joke?’” says Verrett. “My heart was racing – all I could do was laugh! I mean, who does that? Who wins a car?”

A resident of Browns Mills, Verrett has been on full-time duty with the Army National Guard of the United States for 18 years, and is a single mother to three children, ages 16, 15, and 7. She is currently stationed in Georgia, where she is completing training to become a Signal Warrant Officer; she will be the only female Signal Warrant Officer in the state of New Jersey, a milestone that she hopes will inspire her fellow officers to do the same.

Back home, Verrett is a full-time federal technician for the National Guard, working 10-hour days before going home to fulfill her duties as a mother. Her oldest son aspires to follow in her footsteps with plans to enlist in the National Guard after graduating high school; her 15-year-old daughter is an aspiring chef. One weekend a month, and two weeks a year, Verrett is at Fort Dix base for Drill. To date, she has not been deployed overseas, but has been stationed in Korea.

On Saturday, November 12th, Verrett flew home for Veteran’s Day weekend to pick up her grand prize at Hamilton Honda at 4 p.m., and was joined at the dealership by her three children, family, friends, and members of the National Guard. She said she couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the holiday.

Hamilton Honda’s 2012 Civic Giveaway was a contest hosted on the dealership’s website and in the store, where participants only had to enter for a chance to win.

“After receiving over 1,900 entries, we are beyond pleased to present the Civic to such a deserving member of our community,” said Mike Saporito, who co-owns Hamilton Honda with former NFL-star Jessie Armstead. “In addition to being a loyal Hamilton Honda customer, Seron is a true example of someone who is fully committed to serving their family and their country, and we hope that her story inspires others in our community to pursue that level of greatness.”

About the 2012 Honda Civic:
The all-new Civic continues to be a standout in the compact segment, with all the value, reliability, sporty performance and efficiency drivers come to expect from this iconic vehicle. The Ninth generation launch of the Honda Civic promises an unparalleled level of variety, with standard coupe and sedan models, two sporty Si versions, one hybrid, one natural-gas alternative-fuel variant and an all-new model—the Civic HF, which delivers a targeted EPA-estimated fuel-economy rating of 41 mpg on the highway.


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