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An Introduction to: Google Webmaster Tools | Tier10lab

An Introduction to Google Webmaster Tools
Molly Troha

Google Webmaster Tools is a free resource that enables web managers to better run their sites. It should be used in conjunction with Google AdWords because it provides features that AdWords does not, and vice versa.

First, a sitemap needs to be submitted to the Google Webmaster Account. This ensures that the search engine bots are aware of every page on the site. The Googlebot crawls the web and then indexes pages that it thinks are appropriate to display on the each SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Every time a new page is created, Google Webmaster Tools reports how many other sites have linked to it and how often it appears in Google Search results.

It is an advantage to have a Google Webmaster Account when Googlebot comes across a page that it cannot crawl or index. The user will receive a notification and can then see the problem and correct it to ensure that their entire sitemap will index.

Google Webmaster Tools ensures that Google will find your site and that it will show for the correct search queries. It allows you to see all the keywords and phrases that were used in Google Search and eventually led to your site. Google Webmaster Tools gives you the capability to see what page each search query led to, so you know which pages need attention. Google also has a keyword suggestion feature.

Google Webmaster Tools offers other tools, such as the ability to add sitelinks, remove inaccurate or dead links from your site in Google Search results, and set your preferred domain name. Google Webmaster Tools also regularly checks for malware and other problems, then alerts the user when necessary.