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30 Years of Honda Accord in U.S. Honored with Infographic

30 Years of Honda Accord in U.S. Honored with Infographic
Xavier Villarmarzo

In conjunction with the launch of the all-new 2013 Honda Accord, Tier10 designed a data-intensive infographic celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Honda Accord being built in the U.S. The infographic tells the story of the evolution of the American-made Accord since the first one was assembled in Honda’s Marysville, Ohio plant in 1982.

“Since we represent so many Honda dealers, we thought it’d be cool to tell the story of the Accord through an infographic,” said Scott Rodgers, Creative Director and partner at Tier10. “Our infographic is different from others because it’s really about the Accord, its industry-leading technological evolution and the impact it’s had on the economy since 1982 – from the amount of jobs created to how much money Honda has invested.”

The infographic was designed by Rodgers and Senior Graphic Designer Jason Tropp using Photoshop and Illustrator, with additional help from Tier10’s in-house production team. It has already been featured on the home page of visual.ly, a popular website for infographics and data visualization, and on Wide Open Throttle, the popular blog of leading automotive publication Motor Trend. However, it will not only serve as an informative piece of data visualization that lives on the Internet; it will also be integrated for use by the company’s clients, including point-of-sale material for dealerships.

“In the current marketplace, the ‘domestic-made’ label is growing in influence as consumers place brands and models for their next vehicle purchase,” said Scott Fletcher, Vice President of Client Services and partner. “The fact is the Accord is actually is No. 3 on the American-made index, according to Cars.com. The impact the Accord is having on this country is more than consumers understand. We wanted to create a fun, attractive way to help our dealers convey this to their customers.”

Honda Accord 30 Years Infographic

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