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Facebook’s Revamped News Feed Design to Be More Visual

Facebook’s Revamped News Feed Design to Be More Visual
Xavier Villarmarzo

During a press conference from its headquarters, Facebook announced sweeping changes to its News Feed. Mark Zuckerberg said the goal of which is to become the “best personal newspaper” for each user. The updated News Feed is simpler with a focus on richer presentation of stories, photos and videos from the people and organizations that you care about most.

The News Feed design will be consistent among all platforms, including desktop and mobile devices. Photos will appear larger, showing more detail. Albums will also receive a facelift. Article attachment photos will also appear larger, with a more prominent title, and the logo of the publisher on the corner, so it’s easier to see the source.

Third-party content will be more prominent and more reflective of the visual content from each third party. During its press conference, Facebook used Pinterest as its primary example, but more prominent content will also apply to other third party apps, including Spotify and Instagram.

A tabbed menu will help organize and separate the News Feed into categories, including music, events, photos and news. This change means you’ll only see posts that fall under the category of each respective tab. The menu will also allow you to see a feed that includes every single post from every single one of your friends.

The updated News Feed will start rolling out today, on a limited basis, across all platforms — desktop to mobile. It will be released to all users once Facebook has sorted out issues and incorporated user feedback, according to Vice President of Product Chris Cox.

To join the waiting list for the updated News Feed, click here.

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