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Social Marketing: 8 Rules for Using Hashtags

Social Marketing: 8 Rules for Using Hashtags
Molly Troha

Now that hashtags have been integrated on practically every social media platform, it’s important for businesses to know how to get the most out of this feature. Here, we highlight some important factors to keep in mind when incorporating hashtags into your social media approach.

  1. Join the live conversation.
    There will now be conversations on Facebook surrounding live events — TV and
    otherwise — just as there are on Twitter. Join the conversation as it’s happening to get your brand noticed.

  2. Be relevant.
    Since hashtags are used to categorize posts, be sure that your hashtag actually relates to the topic or theme of your post. Otherwise, it won’t belong in the conversation.

  3. Watch the length.
    Long hashtags are not only hard for people to read, but are also not likely to be shared by others, minimizing the opportunity for you to be a part of a discussion.
    For example, #thishashtagisnotagoodidea

  4. Watch the number.
    Avoid using too many hashtags in one post. It can be overwhelming and make your post difficult to read.

  5. Incentivize.
    Encourage your fan-base to share your content by offering discounts or special offers to anyone who uses your hashtag. Make sure contests you deploy fall under Facebook’s guidelines, though.

  6. Content is key.
    As always, your post will only be successful if you’re sharing quality content. Keep sharing the type of content that has resulted in high engagement numbers from your fans — just include hashtags now.

  7. Use a cross-platform approach.
    The hashtags that you’ve previously included in your Twitter and Instagram posts will now be live on Facebook. This also means that any hashtags in future automatic posts from those two networks will also cross over.

  8. Think about all your campaigns.
    Hashtags can be used in videos or print advertising to encourage people to join one large conversation. Integrating your strategy across all mediums is always a good idea.


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