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In a Genius Campaign, Honda Uses Live Vine Videos to Respond to User Tweets

In a Genius Campaign, Honda Uses Live Vine Videos to Respond to User Tweets
Ally Reis

During this year’s Summer Clearance Event, Honda is taking advantage of Gen Y’s social media use for its innovative advertising campaign. As of July 15, Honda is now responding to user tweets that include the hashtag #wantnewcar with live Vine videos urging the user to solve their car woes by heading to the Summer Clearance Event. Additionally, the campaign will also be supported on television, radio, print and digital media.

Each video will be filmed and uploaded the same day as a tweet that features the #wantnewcar hashtag and will feature a Honda’s customized response to the specific content of the user’s tweet. For example, a user tweeted asking about what driving a Honda feels like, and in Honda’s Vine response (seen below), one of their actors acted out the feeling of driving a Honda using a giant ice cream prop, a trophy and a fan.

While the ads are real-time responses to tweets, they involve careful planning on the part of Honda and the ad agency RPA. A team of RPA staffers assists in narrowing down the tweets to respond to, verifying that response ideas stay within the brand’s voice, and putting out videos as quickly as possible. However, all of this happens on-site so that the amount of time between brainstorming, filming and output is minimal.

In this way, Honda uses videos to reach out to people with specific car problems that, while personalized to each tweet, also apply to other users viewing the response Vines. This targeted campaign allows consumers to vent about their car troubles on social media and receive a tailored response from Honda – looking to solve their problem while simultaneously reminding users of their Summer Sales Event.

Outside of social media, the campaign will feature eight TV spots that will air during prime time TV shows like “Vampire Diaries,” “CSI,” and “America’s Got Talent.” The ads each showcase a Honda salesperson humorously responding to previously written real tweets, much as they do in the live Vines, as they suggest deals at the Summer Clearance Event for viewers to think about. One such spot involves a real tweet from actor Neil Patrick Harris asking about the Honda Odyssey and the dealer’s “super fan” response.

Honda’s goal is to utilize the selling power of social media in a world in which more than half of the people born between 1980 and 2000 would rather turn to Twitter or Facebook for car advice than go to a dealership. This way, Honda can initiate a two-way dialogue with customers through the platforms on which users are searching for car advice and information. The end result is a unique and attention-grabbing way of communicating directly with customers about the Summer Clearance Event that allows Honda to market itself as personable, flexible and helpful.

Check out some of our favorite Vine responses here:




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