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Typos Be Gone: Facebook Now Offering Post Editing

Typos Be Gone: Facebook Now Offering Post Editing
Ally Reis

At long last, Facebook has introduced the ability to edit status updates after they’ve been posted. This new feature is currently available on the web and on Android devices, but will be coming to iOS devices soon. Before, posts would have to be deleted in order to correct typos or false information; now users can simply edit their mistakes in context, leaving the original likes or comments intact.

To edit posts, users just have to click the drop-down arrow at the upper right hand corner of their post, select “Edit Post,” make their changes and hit “done editing.” The editing history will also be available to users so that they can see any changes that have been made to a particular post.

Facebook first introduced editing capabilities by allowing users to revise photo captions or status updates that include photos and edit comments. This latest upgrade, however, provides the potential opportunity for exploitation of power.

While Google+ has allowed post editing for some time now, Facebook was most likely tentative about adding the feature for fear of users abusing the ability to make changes to posts that have already been commented on by others. However, by making editing history open to the public, therefore showing all previous and current posts, Facebook avoids this risky territory.

This new capability will definitely come in handy for mobile users with clumsy thumbs prone to typos, but will also be highly valued by journalists. With the ability to edit posts, Facebook updates become more like articles on a website, allowing journalists to make corrections and retractions without losing the original content.


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