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Throwback Thursday: Range Rover Sport and Daniel Craig in “The Delivery”

Throwback Thursday: Range Rover Sport and Daniel Craig in “The Delivery”
Ally Reis

Last year at the New York Auto Show, the new Range Rover Sport was revealed with an impressive introductory video starring none other than James Bond actor Daniel Craig. The video, titled “The Delivery,” featured Craig deftly maneuvering the Sport through the traffic-ridden, and at one point flooded, streets of Manhattan. Following the video’s premier and the Sport’s Auto Show introduction, 1,309 Range Rover Sports were sold within the second month of customer deliveries, likely as a result of the enticing video.

When speaking about the excitingly dramatic video, Land Rover Global Brand Director John Edwards said, “The All-New Range Rover Sport is an extraordinary car and we have revealed it in an extraordinary way – live on the streets of its biggest selling market.  It turned heads and it stopped traffic in one of the most dynamic cities in the world.”

“The Delivery” was certainly well received by the public and created much buzz about the fast, luxurious and dynamic Range Rover Sport. Though the video contained no voice-over and little sound besides the fleetingly intense background music and smooth, mechanical car sounds, it immediately convinced viewers of the power and ability of the car with image alone.

Not only does the video demonstrate the car’s new systems and capabilities without a single spoken or written word, but it also does so with the help of Craig, who at the time had relatively recently premiered “Skyfall.” In connecting the suave James Bond with the sleek ruggedness of the car, viewers immediately associate Bond’s personality with the car itself, giving it the luxurious and powerful feel it was intended it to have.

Considering all of this, it’s not a bad idea to take a page from Land Rover’s book when looking to generate buzz at this year’s show. By focusing on the visual expression of the car’s obvious traits, such as the exterior and interior design, steering or smooth ride, buyers can literally see for themselves why they should purchase the vehicle.

Additionally, associating a celebrity that represents a vehicle’s main traits, much like how Daniel Craig stands for the cool, powerful luxury of the Range Rover Sport, can absolutely aid in the visual storytelling. Overall, what made the Sport’s “Delivery” video so successful was this simplicity and focus in presentation, a technique that should be employed by any company trying to garner attention for their newest model.

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