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Twitter Introduces Potential Game-Changing Video Platform in Periscope

Twitter Introduces Potential Game-Changing Video Platform in Periscope
Whitney Small

On March 26, Twitter introduced Periscope, a new app that lets you share and experience live video streams from your mobile phone.

Periscope lets the broadcasters of a video stream share an experience with others through their eyes. In turn, Periscope lets viewers step into someone else’s shoes and experience what they see, hear, and feel. In addition to everyday people, businesses could (and probably will) use Periscope to broadcast an event or new product or provide a behind the scenes look into their everyday business.

So, how does Periscope work?

Broadcasts from around the world are featured on the home screen of the Periscope app showing off everything from the New York Auto Show showroom floor to a live view from atop the Eiffel Tower. Several automakers took advantage of Periscope for their world debuts at the New York Auto Show.

Users have the option of choosing to push a link to their Twitter followers, allowing them to tune in to the live stream.

Periscope differentiates itself from Meerkat (another app that links with Twitter accounts to allow a person on one side of the phone to stream a live video feed of whatever they’re looking at — or a video selfie) by offering broadcasters the chance to let viewers replay their stream when it is complete.

Another huge aspect of the Periscope app is that users can show their love by tapping the screen and sending the broadcaster an array of hearts. This tells the broadcaster that you appreciate and enjoy what they are doing. This is very important because Periscope has no search function to date and so promoted streams are decided entirely by popularity.

Businesses can use Periscope to broadcast new product and services, Q&A sessions, live group support or several other aspects of their business. The potential for content is limitless: what if you could experience a live concert as if you were in the audience, or coverage of news events like natural disasters or political protests as they are happening? Periscope puts unfettered viewership power in the hands of the people.

Periscope will still be a separate app from Twitter, but will continue to work closely with Twitter. Periscope has the potential to bring you closer to people, places, interests, and events in a live stream that allows users to interact with and explore the world through the shared experiences of others worldwide.

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