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6 Things that Every Great Automotive PPC Ad Needs

6 Things that Every Great Automotive PPC Ad Needs
Madeleine Coe

Whether you are making your first real foray into the world of digital advertising, or are an old pro at getting a high Click-Through Rate (CTR), this checklist is a helpful reminder of all the components of a great ad when you begin brainstorming your next Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign.

A concrete goal.
Is this to announce a new vehicle model (special edition, new year, hybrid, etc.?) Is the goal to reach new customers or is it to build loyalty with current customers? Is this to display the wide selection of offerings or a specific line/brand?

Lay out your goal before you plan the rest of your ad and be sure to present it in bold, but brief original copy. Brevity is key in our fast-paced digital world. So think to yourself, what is the most concise way I can make my point without sacrificing meaning?

A spicy offer.
What sets your offer apart?

Below MSRP savings? Complimentary service programs? Zero due at lease signing? Make sure to attract with a unique offer! Phrase it concisely.

A sense of urgency/timeliness.
If customers feel like they can show up any time and find a deal as good as the one you are offering, then why would they bother to act on your offer in the present? Provide an expiration date if you want to encourage customers to act now rather than later.

Unique striking image.
New vehicle? Great facilities at your dealership? Holiday or event specific offer or sales event? Reel in viewers with a striking , high-quality image or footage first, then move on to the details.

Call to action.
After you present the viewer of your ad with all this information and get them all excited about the offer, don’t forget to give them something to do with all that energy. Without a blatant call to action, you risk losing the momentum. It can be as simple as “click here” or as specific as “view inventory.”

The call to action that points visitors to your website is important. If your audience is finding you through their mobile phone or desktop computer, then they will likely continue engaging through that device. Your call to action should probably not be call us or visit us today. Today’s customers like to investigate first, so make sure that the call to action brings them to a page that will  give them the information they need in an interactive way.

Tracking Capability.
Whether this is by using a unique URL for this particular campaign, a tracking pixel, or any other means available to you, all the hard work you put into creating a digital marketing ad campaign will be pretty much wasted if you can’t use it to collect concrete data.

If you create a PPC ad, you want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth from every click. If you have a lot of impressions, but not many clicks, your ad is delivering correctly, but not making the right impact. If your CTR is awesome, but users are not taking the next step once they reach your landing page, tracking results with let you know and modify the campaign!

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