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Facebook’s Live Edges in on Twitter’s Periscope

Madeleine Coe

Today Facebook started a limited test run of a new live video stream function that they are just calling “Live” for now. For select iPhone users, an extra icon is available in their Update Status box that will allow them to submit a brief description and select an audience before broadcasting live.

With Live, you will be able to see real-time comments from your Facebook friends and followers and the live viewers who are tuning in. Once the broadcast ends, the video will remain in its entirety on your timeline. Broadcasts will show up in your friend’s News Feeds just like any other type of post. When you look at your News Feed, you will also be able to select “Subscribe” to receive notifications every time that user uses Live.

Live is intended to enhance your sharing capabilities, and Facebook intends to make sharing what’s on your mind even easier with a new drop-down menu on mobile phones of different types of media, which would make adding future sharing functions easier.

Just as with Twitter’s Periscope app, the applications of this new feature upon a wider release could be plentiful. Imagine streaming a keynote speaker live from a conference or riding along with a friend abroad as they cruise the streets of Paris, or tuning in as your automotive dealership broadcasts a live tutorial on how to check the tread depth of your tires.

After Twitter’s success with Periscope, it is no wonder that Facebook has pursued the option of real-time video broadcasts to connect viewers to people, places, and events. A little friendly competition has pushed both brands to help users broaden their horizons and explore the world through the shared experiences of others.

In other updates, Facebook also released a collage function today, grouping photos by date, time, and location taken so that you can share an entire experience through photos like a family vacation or your New Year’s Eve party with friends.

Source: Facebook Newsroom

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