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State of the (You)nion: Fall Social Media Updates

State of the (You)nion: Fall Social Media Updates

Nathan Whipple | On 21, Nov 2016

Twitter / Vine / Periscope

twitter_logo_white_on_blueMuch like the budget Frankenstein from a direct to DVD movie, Twitter can’t seem to stop falling apart piece by piece. Although it racked up some pretty impressive numbers on Election Night, the news of COO Adam Bain leaving the company may be the final nail in the coffin for the company. Those other nails, you might ask? Well, the fact that Twitter said it would be laying off about nine percent of their workforce certainly isn’t promising, and the announcement that Vine would be shutting down in the near future doesn’t help either.

It’s not all bad news, though! Twitter could always sell the short-form video service, giving the platform a breath of life while giving itself some much-needed revenue. Granted that might come with its own caveats and intricacies, but it seems like a move that would benefit all parties. Plus, although Periscope has struggled to find its footing in the live-video market (despite jumpstarting the trend), a new update adds the ability for users to specify just whom each of their broadcasts are meant for. Now casters will be able to group together viewers based on their interests and affiliation, in addition to having a list of “superfans,” or the viewers that engage the most with their channel. Whether it can regain some of the relevance it once had is still in question, but it serves as one of the few rays of sunshine in the current Kingdom of Twitter.

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