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State of the (You)nion: Fall Social Media Updates

State of the (You)nion: Fall Social Media Updates

Nathan Whipple | On 21, Nov 2016


snap-ghost-yellowThe philosophy of Snapchat is to keep things ephemeral, an idea that extends not only to their app but apparently to their hardware as well. Starting in early November, the company began placing pop up booths for their new Spectacles in California, and from the look of things, they’re selling quite successfully. The glasses, which “retail” for $130, allow users to record a thirty-second snippet of video and then upload it to their Snapchat story. While this author has been all for the potential of these glasses, it’s something else entirely to see them not only do well in their limited run but then retail for more than seven times their worth on sites like eBay.

It is on the app side of things where Snapchat seems to be reeling back on their aforementioned ideology with the addition of a rewind feature. The update lets users tap to rewind Snapchat stories, and was included in an update that seems to be laying the framework for the inclusion of AR heavy features, such as the World Lenses we have seen sprout up as of recent. These lenses differ from the existing frames Snapchat has pushed out by overlaying effects onto the world around you, and don’t rely on facial tracking.

On the whole, it’s been a pretty successful Fall for the social media darling, but this rewind feature seems so familiar like there’s another app that has a “Stories” tab that lets you rewind them…

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