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State of the (You)nion: Fall Social Media Updates

State of the (You)nion: Fall Social Media Updates

Nathan Whipple | On 21, Nov 2016



Ah, Pinterest. The proverbial middle child in the social media family. This isn’t to say that the company is not successful; they managed to generate about $100 million last year, and can now boast a user base of 150 million “Pinners.”  While these numbers still lag behind some of the giants of the industry, Twitter’s slide into financial uncertainty may pave the way for Pinterest to step into the spotlight. Their enhancements towards creating more targeted campaigns for advertisers is certainly a step in that direction, and the hiring of Twitter CFO Todd Morgenfeld could help boost revenue even further.

From a user perspective, it’s now even easier to let your friends know that you horrifically mangled a DIY project through the addition of a “tried it” feature, which not only informs fellow Pinners if you attempted a project but allows them to provide tips and tricks for any subsequent endeavors. This feature also expands to nearly any pin on the site, whether it’s a purchase, recipe, or project, giving users the chance to provide post-purchase feedback on the site for other Pinners to consider.

Other than that, the company has been relatively quiet, fitting even more so into the comparison given above.

That about covers it! Which service do you believe will end the year the strongest? Roll out the next biggest update? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think, and feel free to check out this site for more of the hard data about each platform.

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