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Building Brand Awareness With a Combination of Marketing

Building Brand Awareness With a Combination of Marketing

Auto dealers must stay ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing and combination marketing is one of the ways to achieve this. Combination marketing not only adds value but increases brand awareness.

Tier10 supports and provides a balanced, multi-channel approach across all advertising tiers to ensure brand awareness and visibility. Here are a few of the variations of marketing that, when combined together, create a more robust way of propagating leads. This includes traditional marketing as well as social media and website advertising.

Traditional Marketing

While considered traditional marketing, avenues such as magazine and newspaper ads, billboards, as well as radio and television ads are still a valid form of advertising. According to Forbes:

Millennials were twice as likely to become aware of their local car dealership via TV (56 percent) than the next leading means, online search (26 percent), while 25- t0 54-year-olds were also more likely to turn to TV (53 percent) than search (30 percent). And when it came to deciding to take a test drive, 40 percent of millennials and adults aged 25 to 54 cited TV as their primary motivator.

MarketShare, a marketing analytics provider, found that television advertising effectiveness has not changed and still outperforms multiple digital and offline channels at driving key performance metrics such as sales or new accounts.

Technology may allow for advertising through a myriad of avenues but customary marketing is as successful and should be used in conjunction to have as much effective reach as possible.

Social Media and Website Marketing

Social media is a boon for marketers. It allows brands to reach potential leads in a variety of ways such as:

  • Brand awareness and brand building
  • Acquiring new customers
  • Introducing new products and services
  • Retaining current customers
  • Identifying new customer groups
  • Marketing research

This real-time communication has the potential to engage customers in ways that are alternative to traditional means.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

Listening tools can help identify conversations in which these prospects may be engaging, presenting an opportunity to guide them through the purchase funnel. In addition, companies can utilize ad targeting and dynamic ad placements on social media platforms for more personalized message placement–further increasing the likelihood of customer acquisition.

Social media allows for better-targeted advertising and positive public relations can be fostered. If a video or post goes viral, this extends the reach even further and can potentially change the scope of the company’s brand perception.

There are plenty of options too – from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Pinterest – the sky’s the limit on finding the ideal customer base.

A user-friendly website is another tool that aids automotive dealer associations. There is the ability to create dynamic pages, feature auto specifications, and even create micro-moments that influences the would-be buyer.

Websites are additional components to provide engaging content that draws in the customer and makes them more apt to want to learn more, which is a key metric in gaining leads.

A Winning Combination

The automotive industry may be an aggressive market but the right balance of traditional marketing along with digital advertising creates a winning landscape when it comes to the acquisition of new buyers. It is crucial for any automotive company to get the help they need in striking that perfect symmetry for marketing that is effective and motivates the targeted demographic.

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