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5 Online Tools for Creating Impressive Infographics | Tier10lab

5 Online Tools for Creating Impressive Infographics

Tier10 | On 01, May 2020

If content is king, visuals are his “ride or die.”

When you have a lot of information to give, infographics are the ideal tool that can help you transform massive amounts of information into easily digestible chunks. What’s not so easy? Creating the infographic.

They may look easy, but without graphic design know-how, this isn’t the case. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you aren’t a graphic designer by nature, these five tools will have you creating stunning visuals just in time to ‘wow’ your next reader. And just in case one more app isn’t in your marketing budget, this list includes both paid and freebie options.


Canva is a user-friendly design tool that’s perfect for any graphic task. You can design brochures, presentations, social media banners, and logos in addition to powerful infographics. It comes with a vast selection of free and premium images, icons, and fonts, too.

Its infographic tool is free to use and includes hundreds of design elements. Want to add a premium image to your graphic? It’s just a dollar. Plus, you can use all of Canva’s free features at no cost, and paid plans start at just $12.95 per month.


If you’ve ever wanted your visuals to “speak”, Visme gives voice to your creations. While you can use Visme for building presentations, it was designed to create engaging infographics. Visme is a free online tool with more than a hundred different fonts, millions of images, and thousands of icons. You can even include video or audio if you like, or animate your content to make it even more vivid.

One of Visme’s best qualities is that you can create an infographic in mere minutes thanks to the library of pre-made visuals that you can drag and drop – perfect for any non-designer.


While Snappa is primarily a paid graphic design application, it includes an infographic design tool for free. Snappa is perfect for those with no design experience, and though you won’t have the same sort of control as some of this list’s other tools, you still can put together an infographic in about 10 minutes. Snappa has premade templates perfect for snappy infographics tailor-made for sharing on social media. The interface is drag-and-drop, much like Visme, along with high-resolution, free stock photo access.

The Snappa free plan offers up to five creations/downloads each month and sharing capability with two social media accounts. If you upgrade to the $10/month plan, you’ll get unlimited social accounts, shares, and downloads, as well as the ability to upload your own custom fonts and integrate with Buffer.


Infogram is a lot like Canva in terms of assets you can create, such as graphs, charts, logos, and videos, but Infogram takes it a step further – if you’re creating an infographic, you can enter all your information into their online tool (it’s a lot like Excel), and the data will automatically populate into your graphic. Depending on the type of data you’re entering, the app automatically formats your infographic to best represent said data. Infogram lets you publish your finished infographics and other creations directly to the Infogram site, or you can also embed the design in your own site or share it on your social accounts. Infogram has five pricing tiers starting with Basic (always free).


The name probably gives it away. But if you’re growing weary of the same old boring infographics, how about adding a bit of life to your designs? Animaker lets you create video infographics. The company prides itself on offering service “10 times better” than other animation editing software applications.

The tool gives you tons of resources, such as charts and icons, to help make your data more interesting and easier to digest. With the free plan, you can make as many as five, 2-minute videos, or you can upgrade and enjoy longer, better quality videos and infographics. If you opt for annual billing, you’ll enjoy incredible cost savings.

So, if you need an easy way to create interactive infographics that really get attention, try one of the above applications and watch your ideas come to life.

Image Source: Career Employer