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Throwback Thursday: A Slogan is Forever


Nothing embodies the idea of commitment like a diamond ring. It’s fitting, then, that De Beers, the largest miner and distributer of diamonds, has stuck with the same advertising campaign for more than 50 years. “A Diamond Is Forever,” after all—and so is a genius slogan. These four small words not only helped save an industry in decline, but also changed the bedrock of American culture. Read More

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How Game of Thrones Conquered the Marketing Kingdoms


In the game of television, you either win or you get cancelled. No producers could have been more aware of this stark lesson than the creators of the fantasy show “Game of Thrones.”  Read More

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Google, VW Partnership Signals New Age of Mobile Advertising


Google and Volkswagen have teamed up to create an experimental ad campaign called “Smileage” that aims to deliver a “social driving experience.” Read More

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Throwback Thursday: When Volkswagen Revolutionized Advertising


How do you convince post-World War II Americans to buy a funny-looking, German-manufactured vehicle named after a bug? Read More

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A Look at the Advertising Campaigns from the 2013 Academy Awards


The 85th Annual Academy Awards aired last night to an estimated 37 million viewers, and while the spotlight mainly fell on the many talented performers, directors and crew members, there were a few TV ads that Read More

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Twitter Off to a Fast Start in 2013


Popular social network Twitter has already implemented several aggressive changes this year to keep up with the intensifying competition between social media sites. Read More

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Audi and the Future of Lighting Technology


German carmaker Audi has always prided itself on its lighting technology, from adaptive lighting that illuminates the road to clearer LED daytime lights Read More

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An In-Depth Look at Facebook Graph Search for Business


When Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s Graph Search earlier this year, he said it would revolutionize the way people searched for information on products and services. Read More

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