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Google+ For The Digital Marketer


With the introduction of  the Google +1 feature, users have the ability to give their “stamp of approval” to items of any given search. Read More

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Tier10, Douglas Sonders Tackle NYC


As an advertising photographer shooting new campaigns for some of Tier10’s clients, we have been working with dealers in major markets and photographing new vehicle models in front of iconic locations. Read More

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An Ink Spot? No, it’s a QR Interactive Ad


Three New York Acura dealers first used the bar code technology in an April 14 full-page ad in The New York Times. The dealers hoped the ads would build sales and, maybe, a local dealer ad association. Read More

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Paragon Honda Lands Page One for 2012 Honda Civic


The term “Social Media” has really gone through an impressive evolution in recent years. It started out as a very broad term that didn’t necessarily apply to any one entity, and has since been transformed Read More

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AutoSuccess Magazine Names Tier10 One of the “Top 10 Companies to Watch in 2010”


AutoSuccess Magazine is pleased to shine a spotlight on the companies who, through their vision and vigor, have created enterprises that blaze trails for others to follow. Read More

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Introducing Tier10lab


Tier10 is proud to present its official blog. All things related to marketing, advertising, technology and automotive sales will be covered on this site. Read More

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