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Can Yahoo’s New Video Site Dethrone YouTube?


This summer, Yahoo plans to unveil a video service that will potentially rival YouTube. The company is targeting creators who are unhappy with YouTube’s overall system, particularly the ad rates and revenue sharing deals. Read More

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Throwback Thursday: 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse “Days Go By” Commercial


Introducing “Throwback Thursday” (#TBT), a monthly feature in which we take a look back and highlight some of our favorite automotive ad campaigns. Read More

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The Lowdown on Pages for Google+


There should be little doubt that the news of Pages for Google+ will effectively change the way marketers use social media. Read More

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Top 5 Ways to Shoot Stronger Videos


Any online marketer will tell you the best way to organically improve your company’s digital visibility is with video content. Read More

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Google+ Shows In Search Results, Signals Greater Plan From Google


As expected, Google has begun integrating Google+ into search results. Any post marked “Public” while shared in the Google+ space will now be appearing in Social Search. Read More

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Cosmic Panda: Google’s New Look for YouTube


YouTube has a new look – a very sharp new look. The redesign efforts, called YouTube Cosmic Panda, bring the video sharing site’s aesthetic to a level that neatly matches the much talked-about Google+ Read More

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Google Abandons Third-Party Reviews


To the dismay of many, Google has dropped reviews from third-party sites on its popular Google Places product. Read More

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The Civic Project


Our most recent project, “Heritage,” celebrates the launch of the 2012 Honda Civic. The goal was to create something with real emotion. Read More

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