Why We Tweet: Getting Started on Twitter for Businesses | Tier10lab
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Why We Tweet: Getting Started on Twitter for Businesses | Tier10lab

Why We Tweet: Getting Started on Twitter for Businesses
Molly Troha

Besides attracting an audience, what other benefits are there from Tweeting? One of the most important aspects of businesses using Twitter is the SEO value.

Twitter presents the opportunity for businesses to broadcast their content multiple times a day. Each tweet can be used as a call to action for people to visit their site. Tweets are a great way to send visitors to your site and to increase traffic and data usage. When ranking a website, Google takes into account not only site visits, but number of unique visitors, time spent on the site, bounce rate, page-views, etc. Success is dependent on how you present your tweets. Tweets that entice your audience to follow a link to your site can be a leading component to optimizing your site.

Each tweet sent out is indexed by Google and can show up on SERPs. Businesses that keep this in mind can use Twitter to continually push terms and keywords that are valuable to their brands. Through Twitter, a company can ensure that it’s sending a message to the public that exhibits not only its product but its differentiating value proposition. Having multiple opportunities a day to promote yourself without cost as a brand is a valuable asset that wasn’t available in years past.

Here are some things to keep in mind while Tweeting:

  • The 160 character profile description is one of the most important aspect of one’s Twitter account. It is continually indexed by Google and is a great space to utilize important keywords and terms.
  • Keep in mind the first 42 characters of your Tweets. Out of the 140 characters, SEO experts have surmised that the first 42 characters are the most applicable to search results. So while it’s very easy to RT and @mention, it may be a good idea to start re-phrasing tweets by keeping the first 42 characters in mind.
  • Quality over quantity. While the number of followers is taken into consideration by search engines, if the majority of your followers have no relation to your brand or are spam accounts, they won’t have any effect on your SEO. So strive to build a following that is relevant to your company.

Use Twitter to complement your other platforms, like blog posts, Facebook posts, YouTube Videos, online/offline sales, exclusive offers, and the like. These forces combined are a powerful tool for any business and have no cost. To get an idea of your company’s online presence, find its Klout score. Klout measures influence based on the ability to drive action. Your Klout score is quantified by the number of people you influence, how influential they are, and the amount of interaction pertaining to your tweets.