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2012 Toyota Camry Launch Uses Digital Marketing | Tier10lab

Toyota Camry Launch Campaign Using Digital Marketing Techniques
Molly Troha

Toyota has introduced the redesigned 7th Generation 2012 Camry. The launch and buildup to the launch were done using an interactive social media campaign. Toyota promoted the reveal through social media outlets, presenting the Camry launch live through a webcast and conducting a “TweetChat” (by which the media and consumers could converse with Toyota VP Bob Carter via twitter.)

Toyota is the first auto manufacturer to broadcast a launch in this fashion. Toyota calls the Camry “America’s Car,” so prior to the launch, the public was invited to “attend” the unveiling. The reveal was done via a simulcasted video (watch it below) and took place at multiple locations.

In the live launch video, the primary presentation, hosted by Toyota VP Bob Carter, took place at Paramount Studios in Hollywood. The other location was the Georgetown, Kentucky Toyota production plant.

At the Georgetown location, Toyota presented the first 2012 Camry to roll off the production line — driven by Toyota Motor Corp. President Akio Toyoda. After stepping out of the car he noted, “The launch of the new Camry is very important to our company. That’s why I came all the way to Kentucky. It’s a symbol of Toyota’s success over the years.”

Toyota will continue to be successful, not just because of a quality product, but as a result of effective marketing. As the first to leverage digital means and social media, Toyota is ahead of the curve, and this is crucial in an industry that relies so heavily upon marketing and hype.

Launching the 2012 Camry through the webcast has already proven to be a smart move on Toyota’s behalf. There has been a significant amount of buzz about the new Camry, a lot of which is because of the innovative digital marketing tactics.