Acura NSX Release Via Twitter | Tier10lab
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Acura NSX Release Via Twitter | Tier10lab

Acura NSX Release Via Twitter
Joseph Olesh

The much anticipated Acura NSX was released today at the North American International Auto Show. Streamed live from Acura’s website, the tri-vehicle release showcased the RDX, the ILX, and finished with the NSX, clearly the star of the show.

This year’s show is being tracked by fans across the world with the hashtag #NAIAS — for Acura fans: #AcuraDetroit. In an attempt to capture some of this “lightning in a bottle” the New York Acura Dealers Association collected a subsection of the tweets as the car was unveiled.

Acura NSX Live Twitter Feed

The blog then followed up with the quoted Twitter-ites, notifying them that they’d been heard and quoted by NY Acura. This level of engagement is rare between the the Twittersphere and Blogosphere, but consider the ramifications for the brand:

    1. Twitter engagement with proven, active users. By the fact these particular users are tracking information via a hashtag search, the brand can be nearly certain they are reaching out to a sophisticated Twitter user.
    2. Engagement with filtered interest groups. Twitter is a popular social network that has picked up all-the-more speed since its integration with Apples iOS5. The use of a hashtag, though, delineates the sophisticated Twitter user from the casual Twitter user. In this case, targeting auto show fans that were tracking the NSX’s release with the #NSX hashtag nearly guarantees you’re reaching out to a dedicated fan of the brand.