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How Content Marketing Will Enhance Your Social Media and SEO Strategy | Tier10lab

How Content Marketing Will Enhance Your Social Media and SEO Strategy
Elizabeth Frey

As social media sites like Google+ and Facebook evolve, content marketing is becoming a necessary asset to any marketing strategy. For years, experts have touted the saying, “Content is king,” but that has never been more true than it is today.

“In content marketing, we find a common denominator between effectiveness in search and social media,” says Scott Rodgers, CCO at Tier10. “Both are technologically innovative in how they operate, but neither would be relevant without content.”

Content marketing can trace its roots back to the creation of Flickr and YouTube in 2004 and 2005, respectively. These were sites dedicated to providing a space for individuals to publish their own content easily and independently, and they led to the creation of MySpace and Friendster.

Facebook perfected this environment wherein content was the fuel that drove the machines, and the success of Facebook marked a paradigm shift in the way a company can market its brand organically. Any company—from a large corporation to a small, local business—is positioned to take advantage of Facebook because no monetary investment is necessary. Google recognized this with their own answer to social media: Google+.

“Google’s reaction with the production of Google+ is a sure sign of the fundamental shift in how we market a brand online,” says Rodgers. But Google+ is just one piece of the puzzle. Users have been conditioned to not trust the relevancy sponsored ads; meanwhile, Black Hat SEO diluted search results with irrelevant information. Google’s Panda and Penguin updates were steps to address this issue, but it is their new adaptation to search, the Google Knowledge Graph, which truly opens the door for content marketers.

Google Knowledge Graph is a further sophistication of search. With it, search has evolved to include the delivery of information. What this means is that sites that provide unique, interesting and informative content will be more effective.

“If you create valuable content—content is written word, photos or video that deliver your brand as truly and sincerely as possible—then you will be rewarded,” Rodgers explains.

What can you do?

1. Realize that your social media strategy will soon merge with your SEO strategy. Social SEO is becoming more of a reality. Look to what search engines are investing time and money in.

2. Pay special attention to your content. Sincerity is key. Social media is an opportunity to get consumers to like you, but it is not the place to push hardcore sales messaging. Rather, it is a place to engage consumers and build brand loyalty.

3. Stay engaged and stay curious. A healthy amount of intellectual curiosity is required, and much can be gained by being a first adapter of new technology. As the New York Acura Dealers Association demonstrated with its use of Instagram, being the first to utilize new technologies can brand your business as a progressive company, without sacrificing visibility when all the other businesses jump on the bandwagon.

The key to remember is that if you want to succeed in search and social media, pay attention to the content you are producing.

Social SEO is constantly evolving; to stay abreast of social SEO best practices, peruse the posts on for more information. Or, if you have a specific question, leave a comment below.

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