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New Google Tool for Online Car Sales | Tier10lab

New Google Tool for Online Car Sales
Molly Troha

Google Advisor now has a tool for automotive leads called Google Cars. Google Advisor is a site designed to help users quickly find the desired product from different providers and compare them side-by-side. Previously, Google Advisor offered users the opportunity to research financial products such as mortgages, credit cards, CDs, checking, and savings accounts. Now Google is entering into the new car lead generation business by incorporating car sales into their site.

Google is currently conducting their beta test of Google Cars in the San Francisco Bay Area, so to test out the product live, the user must change their browser location to zip code 94301. Once your location is changed, you can head to or perform a regular Google search with auto-related terms such as “Nissan Dealer.” The search results for a normal Google query will now include a box (as seen above) from Google Advisor and clicking on it will take you to Google Cars.

The user can search by car make and model or by dealer. Once they have narrowed down the search by model, users can select trim levels, engine types, interior and exterior colors, and different options and packages. Each car listed includes the dealer info, distance from the given zip code, incentives, options & packages, the MSRP price, and the “Google price info.” Much like, Google’s “price info” includes the invoice price of the vehicle, the MSRP, and the average regional price paid. The user then has the opportunity to contact the dealer by email, phone, or callback request.

Though now only available for new car sales, Google’s introduction of Google Cars could have a huge impact on the online automotive market. Car dealers need to be prepared for the day that Google Cars is available in their zip code by ensuring their visibility in Google+ Local and by employing the most recent, up-to-date online marketing techniques.