Porsche, BMW Show Dedication to Art of Design Not Just for Vehicles | Tier10lab
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Porsche, BMW Show Dedication to Art of Design Not Just for Vehicles | Tier10lab

Porsche, BMW Show Dedication to Art of Design Not Just for Vehicles
Molly Troha

Creating products that are truly ground-breaking is an art. Manufacturers like Porsche and BMW recognize this with studio properties that focus on creative engineering, sustainability and 3-D visualization. The Porsche Design Studio and BMW Group DesignworksUSA strive to fashion a balance between innovation and practicality in their designs.

Porsche Design Studio

The initial Porsche Design Studio in the 1970s was a project of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, grandson of the company founder. The studio relocated to Austria from its home base in Germany later that samProducts by Porsche Design Studioe decade. This subsidiary of Porsche AG expanded on products that the manufacturer was already marketing: accessories such as luggage and buttons for car enthusiasts.

The modern-day Porsche Design Studio combines this classic artisanship with ground-breaking technology. The qualities that define Porsche vehicle models extend to the design projects created by the studio. The goal is to develop products with functionality and form using quality materials and detail-oriented workmanship. The products are not related directly to sports cars or transportation, just the elegant style that defines Porsche. Most of the studio store offerings focus on fashion and electronics.

Porsche Design Studio also provides distinctive design service for companies looking to create a brand. They help build new products for consumer use, for the medical industry, graphic elements for marketing, as well as transportation models. The company aids in concept systems that have marketability, sustainability and character.

BMW DesignworksUSA

BMW DesignworksUSA was originally a small studio in Malibu Canyon, Calif., opened by designer Charles Pelly in 1972. At that time, the design trends Pelly created were popular among car enthusiasts throughout the country. The company moved to Van Nuys, Calif., in 1978 with an expansion that included a sister studio property in Detroit.BMW DesignworksUSA for Saeco

Initially, they focused on product designs for cars. Their first designs dealt in seating technology with an ergonomic flair. BMW recognized the talent of DesignworksUSA and began a partnership with them in 1986 to develop distinctive seat designs for the BMW 850. In 1991, BMW bought out the majority share of the company to form BMW DesignworksUSA.

Today, this company has studios in Germany, Shanghai and Singapore, as well as their U.S. properties. BMW DesignworksUSA works as a creative partner in the automotive industry. They help model and build concepts for companies such as Rolls-Royce and MINI, but since one of the firm’s main areas of expertise is computer modeling, they have also worked on other projects. DesignworksUSA helps to create innovative design concepts for Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Bavaria Yachts, for example.

Ultimately, Porsche Design Studio and BMW DesignworksUSA are about creating new products that are aesthetically pleasing and marketable. This is a skill vital to any business in today’s visual world. Whether looking to develop a new product line or style marketing tools to expand an established brand, a professional design studio can do it all.
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