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Instagram Introduces Capability to Tag Photos | Tier10lab

Molly Troha

Today, Instagram announced their newest feature, called “Photos of You.” This long-awaited feature provides users with the capability to tag themselves and others in their Instagrams.

A new tab, appropriately called “Photos of You,” will display all of the photos in which you’ve been tagged. And just like Facebook, you can adjust your settings so you can either approve or deny any tags of you. You can also remove tags that you may have formerly approved.

To add tags to previously posted Instagrams, all you have to do is click on the “Options” button in the bottom right corner of the post (the button with the three circles) and choose the option to “Add People.” Then by tapping the screen you can decide where you’d like to place the tag and which Instagram profile you’d like to tag. Any Instagram handle can be tagged in a picture, even brands and businesses.

There is also the option to create tags when uploading a new picture. Instagram has added a new feature in the “Share” step of the upload process. Above the option “Add to Photo Map,” there is now a new section with the text “Add People.” The “Tap photo to add people” is then the same process as listed above.

In its announcement, Instagram explains that it added this feature because its goal is to give people a simple and expressive way to bring the stories behind their photos to life. They claim that the “what?” aspect of each photo’s story is explained through hashtags and the “where?” aspect can be answered if the user decides to add their photo to the map, but until now, there hasn’t been a feature that answers the “who?” aspect.

The “Photos of You” feature is already available for users with the most updated version of the app, but until May 16, tags will be private unless the user opts to make their tags public.