Tier10 Selected for Google’s Summit of ‘All-Star’ Agencies | Tier10lab
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Tier10 Selected for Google’s Summit of ‘All-Star’ Agencies | Tier10lab

Tier10 Selected for Google’s Summit of ‘All-Star’ Agencies
Xavier Villarmarzo

Tier10 recently had the honor of attending the exclusive Google Engage 2013 All-Stars Summit. Google extended the invitation to an elite group of agencies selected from over 14,000 and brought them to its Mountain View, Calif. headquarters to join other thought leaders from various industries.

The elite agencies came from all around the world, including Canada, Mexico, Australia, the U.K. and South America, and represented various industries such as automotive, healthcare and the legal profession. Representatives from the agencies had an opportunity to spend two days on the famed Google Campus experiencing the well-known company culture.

“It was a great opportunity for thought leaders to come together and learn from each other and from Google,” said Tim Schmidt, digital operations manager, who attended the summit on behalf of Tier10.

Schmidt said the trip included many highlights for him, including the keynote address from Jonah Berger, the James G. Campbell Associate Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, who spoke about word of mouth and what makes things viral or contagious. Another highlight was Google’s willingness to receive feedback from the agencies, demonstrated by the roundtable discussion the company held with some of its executives and product specialists.

Schmidt added, “As much as the summit was intended to help us learn from them, they wanted to learn from us, too.”

Tier10 was selected to attend the summit for meeting certain requirements achieved as part of its expansive partnership with Google. While specializing in the automotive vertical, Tier10 creates highly successful search engine marketing (SEM), also known as pay-per-click, campaigns on Google for a wide range of clientele.

Tier10 also works with many Google products, including an extensive partnership with Wildfire, the world’s largest social media marketing provider, which was purchased by Google about a year ago. Through an exclusive partnership, Tier10 uses Wildfire’s suite of social media products to manage and measure all campaigns for its clients. In fact, the partnership has been so successful that Wildfire is currently creating a case study about Tier10’s work with Wildfire.

“Our partnership with Wildfire is one of the most exciting product partnerships I’ve ever been a part of,” said Scott Rodgers, chief creative officer at Tier10. “We work closely with them, co-developing successful social media solutions for our clients. Staying at the forefront of social media is one of the keys to our agency’s success.”