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Tier10 Case Study: Rick Case Honda | Tier10lab
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Tier10 Case Study: Rick Case Honda

Tier10 Case Study: Rick Case Honda

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Tier10 Case Studies: Get a deeper look into the challenges presented to Tier10, the solutions employed and the results of these campaigns.


Rick Case Honda was struggling to stay in the top 10 in the country, topping out at #9 in 2011, and they decided they wanted to become #1 in 2012. That was their challenge and our mission.


Six months later, Rick Case Honda was the #1 selling Honda dealer in June 2012 after they implemented an integrated strategy that combined the power of traditional advertising and digital marketing.

Tier10 kicked off 2012 with an exclusive premiere of a major motion picture for Rick Case’s customers and employees. Additionally, Tier10 implemented a series of campaigns through TV, radio, print, outdoor, PR, direct mail and email, search engine marketing, online display and video ads, social media and mobile marketing with a focus on the English and Spanish markets. Tier10 also created and implemented an exclusive partnership with Univision to launch the first Hispanic Auto Buying Program in Miami,, with Don Francisco, the “Oprah” of Spanish television as the spokesperson.

Rick Case Honda was the fastest-growing Honda dealer in the Top 10 for 2012.

NATIONAL RANKING #9 to #1 in June 2012
YTD GROWTH +20%, one of the fastest growing Honda dealers in the Top 10 for 2012


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