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Jelly: a New Way to Answer Your Questions | Tier10lab

Jelly: a New Way to Answer Your Questions
Ally Reis

This week Twitter co-founder Biz Stone released his new app, Jelly, a question-and-answer platform designed to go above and beyond the likes of Quora and ChaCha to find the best answers to your biggest questions. Jelly works with your existing social network connections to find answers from your friends, friends of friends and so on. Additionally, it incorporates a visual search component that allows you to ask questions with images.

While sites like Yahoo Answers and have been using this sort of group-think solution for years and Quora has even introduced the use of social media networks, Jelly aims to utilize new algorithms in order to target questions to specific social networks, particularly with regards to images.

Jelly is working with the current trend towards visual communication, providing users with the ability to elicit responses to questions with visual aides. Additionally, it’s possible that Jelly developers may even work towards automatically parsing images in order to direct the questions better towards people who have the answers.

The app is taking advantage of the rise in mobile use over PC use, giving users the opportunity to quickly snap a picture on their phones and submit it to Jelly asking, “What’s this?” rather than turn to their laptops and type in a traditional search. Users will also be able to edit photos by cropping, zooming, reframing or drawing to really clarify a question.

Jelly relies on human connections to produce results for questions asked. In this way, all users are welcome to both submit and answer questions, making the app both educational and a source of a feel-good helping attitude.

Stone stated that they “chose the jellyfish to represent our product because it has a loose network of nerves that act as a ‘brain’ similar to the way we envision loosely distributed networks of people coordinating via Jelly to help each other.” This concept demonstrates the app’s nature of finding answers using different social media sites and therefore different bases of people with potential solutions.

Essentially, Jelly is proving to be a new, flexible way to find the best answer to your queries as quickly and effectively as possible, with nothing more than a question sent out to your friends.

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