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The Webinar as a Strategic Marketing Tool | Tier10lab

The Webinar as a Strategic Marketing Tool
Johnny Koons

With an increased emphasis on sharing information with an ever-growing audience, the use of webinars provides subject matter experts the ability to share their knowledge and expertise to worldwide audiences while building relationships and potential leads.

Webinars provide an official platform for subject matter experts to share their valuable knowledge and expertise to worldwide audiences.

Since the dawn of communication, man has been searching for a better way to exchange ideas for the greater good. Whether through sign language, fireplace chats or the use of modern writing, humans have been using communication tools to exchange information, ideas and interests.

As humans progressed, our tools became more sophisticated. With the rise of technologies like photographs, Morse code, telephones, email and the Internet, we have become a species constantly in touch with the world around us, regardless of distance.

The rise of the digital platform has given way to a number of value-adding activities that have enhanced our world. We have seen Facebook, where users can share stories freely over large stretches of domain, or Gmail giving users hundreds of inquiries a day depending on their usage. But one of the most broadly encompassing technologies has been the development of the webcam.

The webcam provides both audio and visual communication over vast distances like nothing in our time. We can see and hear a person on the other side of the world, with the right connection speed of course. But what happens when these tools aren’t used for benevolently contributing data? What happens when they are used for personal or corporate gain or even something else entirely?

This is the rise of modern marketing and the future of our Internet. A world where reading an article can provoke impulsive spending or clicking a link can have you hounded by ads for days. One such technique rising through the ranks is the use of teaching or giving away information with the aim of reciprocal return.

This strategy is known as the webinar. Through the use of a webcam, the presenter relays information and ideas to the viewer, builds trust, confidence and, hopefully, loyalty to the presenter, manages their expectations then pitches the product or service they are trying to offer.

Although it can be easily confused for the benign YouTube tutorials, the webinar is a different entity. Used by digital salesmen the webinar is a technique where corporations gather individuals contact information in exchange for the valuable information provided through the webinar.

Granted, casual webinar viewers may only tune in once but the overall goal of the process is to build relationships with a large audience in a short amount of time, which will give that company the edge it needs to accentuate themselves within the marketplace.

This being said, not all webinars are used for such purposes. Some organizations simply release their data and knowledge to the digital community for general use. Organizations, such as the National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA), teach consumers how to appraise their vehicles while the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers detail industry trends and which brands to buy.

Webinars are an important step in evolution of communication tools. They provide people with access to knowledge that they never would have received before, just by having an Internet connection. Marketers can use this tool in new and unique ways by offering their expertise to a large number of consumers all while building relationships and potential leads. Webinars offer a low-cost way for a company or organization to establish its credibility online while creating a solid foundation of relationships for business in the future.