Tier10 Revealed: Our Internship Experience Part 1 | Tier10lab
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Tier10 Revealed: Our Internship Experience Part 1 | Tier10lab

Tier10 Revealed: Our Internship Experience Part 1

Internships are one of the most pivotal experiences for a college-aged student seeking to develop him or herself professionally.  They allow the student to get a snapshot of an industry, company, and culture. We at Tier10, asked our summer interns some questions about their experience and what they learned.


What was your day-to-day experience like? 

Max DaSilva (MD): I worked in the Digital Dept. for Tier10.  I attribute all of my newfound knowledge and experience to everyone on the Digital Team.  This shout-out goes to them.  I was given a holistic experience in Digital, meaning my duties covered Google AdWords, Display advertising, Pre-Roll, and Facebook.

Chris Crampton (CC): Being a Data Analyst Intern was a great experience and opportunity to help find the “perfect prospects” for the company on a daily basis.  The attention to detail for the list-cutting process was awesome to see in action.

Robert Bannister (RB):  I spent my day proofing materials that would go out to our clients. This included things like direct mail pieces, web banner ads and other materials.

Evan Haas (EH): My day-to-day was communicating with the email team, the data team and the graphic design team and in the process learning more about how they work.

What was your favorite aspect of the organization and/or company culture?

RB: My favorite aspects of the company culture were the open environment, the positive attitude of the office and the relationships with co-workers.

CC: One thing that I would’ve never anticipated when I first accepted this internship was the culture and personality this organization has. It was incredible to be surrounded by people with such great vision and entrepreneurial drive.

MD: From day one, I knew that this experience would be in a league of its own when compared to other opportunities available in the marketing field.  I was treated with the respect one would get as an employee, yet was recognized as someone who was ready to soak up as much information as possible.  I felt like I was part of a live, operating unit that was ready to give me the equivalent of whatever I put in.

EH: That I experienced all parts of the company. Every Wednesday we had “intern lunches,” where we met with leaders from different parts of the company for lunch. I enjoyed learning how people got into their jobs and how they’ve seen the company and the automotive industry change.

 Who would you say you learned from your mentors? 

 MD: My digital peers helped me tackle what would seem to be daunting tasks for a newcomer.  Week by week, my experience grew and I became comfortable working alongside the Digital Team – handling all work that I could get my hands on.

CC: My mentors explained the company to me, showed me how to handle issues with various departments, and most importantly showed me how to complete the tasks assigned to me.

RB: My mentors were always very friendly and eager to help with anything I needed and taught me a lot about the industry. I also had many opportunities to talk and get to know them.

EH: My mentors did an outstanding job addressing my concerns and answering my frequent questions. Email deployment combines the work of the data team with the work of the creative team to properly send emails.

 Stay tuned for part 2 of Tier10 Revealed: Our Internship Experience which will debut on Monday.