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Vine Update Shows New Horizon for Marketers | Tier10lab

Vine Update Shows New Horizon for Marketers
Max DaSilva

Vine has updated its formula by adding the ability to upload previously recorded video. Prior to this update, users were only capable of shooting six seconds of video in-app. Users can now pull uploaded video and utilize a host of new editing tools.

This new update radically transforms the nature of the app itself, by turning it into a place to stream video clips. Marketers are now in a position of greater freedom to use their own resources to produce higher quality brand-related videos.

Vine and the marketing world are not a newfound relationship, however. Popular Vine users get paid enough money to quit their day jobs to create content for brands. The branded videos were usually a hit or miss depending on how “sold-out” the popular Viner appears.

The “loops” feature allows marketers to see how often users are viewing their vines. This metric along with likes, comments and revines are the tools that marketers are given to determine the impact of their vines.

Vine’s biggest rival, Instagram, is rolling out new advertising tools including account insights, ad insights and ad staging. These features bear a resemblance to Facebook’s business manager and page insights. Marketers must remember that despite the similarities on paper, Vine and Instagram are two different animals that must be approached with unique strategies and execution.

This update could prove to be the tipping point Vine needs to fully meet its reach potential for marketers. Vine’s influence is already large enough to create the need for agencies that connect talented social media stars with companies in order to grow the brand’s social media presence.

So what does this mean for us in the automobile industry? Endless possibilities. Imagine a dealership using their Vine account as an up-to-date virtual inventory with 360-degree views of their vehicles. Dealerships could allow their sales staff to introduce themselves through Vine so that customers can have a sense of trust prior to entering the dealership. OEMs can release sneak previews of upcoming models, with the inclusion of sound. BMW can now show the social media world what revving a 555 HP X6M SUV sounds like.

Only time will tell how profound of an effect Vine’s update will have on the social media marketing world. Early adopters of Vine’s new uploading capabilities can either face huge success or mass rejection.