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Instagram Update: All-New Search and Explore Features | Tier10lab

Instagram Update: All-New Search and Explore Features
Whitney Small

Over 70 million photos are shared each day by Instagram’s 300 million monthly active users. And, even though all these people are sharing all these great photos, there really isn’t an easy way to locate most of it.

Well, all of that has changed with Instagram’s latest updates, developed to “help connect [the Instagram] community to the world as it happens.”

Announced on the company’s blog the two latest updates included the all-new Explore page with trending Tags and Places and a more powerful search tool, making it easier to locate people, places, and tags.

Wherever something is happening, like the Olympics or behind the scenes at Fashion Week, you can experience it all with little effort.

At the top of the Explore page, you will see collections of interesting accounts and places curated by Instagram’s editorial team. The featured photo/video collections are updated regularly, with new topics featured twice a week like Remote Beaches and Extreme Athletes. For now, this feature is only available to U.S. users.

On the Explore page, you will also find a collection of trending tags and places “as they emerge in real time, connecting [users] to events and conversations near [them] and around the globe.” Want to see #lollapalooza or #jeffgordon from every angle?


Source: Instagram

You can also get a sense of what is going on around you by checking out Trending Places, which serves up photos and videos that have been tagged with locations nearby.

Instagram search has also seen a dramatic overhaul. The new Places Search will allow you to focus in on just about any location on Earth. Use this new feature to experience your favorite music festival or use it to explore your next big adventure! The new Top Search also allows you to search across people, places and tags all at once.

Places Search

Source: Instagram

With these new updates, Instagram has helped us find and experience new people, new places, and much, much more.

Happy discovering.

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