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5 Tips for Creating Successful Dealership Walk-Around Videos | Tier10lab

5 Tips for Creating Successful Dealership Walk-Around Videos

Tier10 | On 17, Apr 2019

Each year, over 17 million Americans venture out to new and used car dealerships to make purchases.

If you are the owner of a car dealership, your main objective should be attracting new customers regularly. While this may sound relatively simple, the overwhelming amount of competition in the dealership market can make it difficult to attract new customers.

Embracing the power of social media and technology is a great way to catch the eye of consumers in the market for a quality new or used vehicle. One of the most popular tools used by car dealerships around the country is walk-around videos.

Read below to find some helpful tips on how to make your dealership walk-around video appealing and shareworthy.

1. Think About Logistics

Before you begin shooting a new walk-around video, be sure to work out all of the logistics. Figuring out things like what lighting source will be used and the path you will take through the dealership is vital.

Practicing the walk around your dealership a few times can help you avoid mishaps and will make the video flow better. Shooting a 30-second test video and then watching is essential when trying to perfect the look of this project.

As any video marketing professional will tell you, trying to shoot outside can create a lot of problems. Generally, outside shots will look low-quality and a bit grainy. With the assistance of an experienced videographer, you can figure out how to best structure your video for success.

2. Avoid Off-Camera Narration

A great walk-around video can help humanize your brand. In order to ensure that this happens, you need to have humans in front of the camera rather than using off-camera narration.

Allowing your audience to put a face with your dealership name can be very beneficial. Generally, videos that avoid off-camera narration will be more engaging and credible in the eyes of the viewer.

3. Make It Easy For Viewers to Follow Along

If you are explaining the inner-workings of your dealership in a video, keeping it simple is a must. Trying to use too much industry jargon can confuse and alienate your audience.

Incorporating short pauses in your dialogue in the video can also help viewers follow along. Talking too fast or jumping from subject to subject can create confusion. Working out a video script beforehand will help you stay on track and avoid rambling.

4. Don’t Forget About Your Brand

The key to a successful dealership video marketing campaign is effective branding. You need to make sure the videos you produce are representative of your brand.

One of the best ways to instantly brand your video is by making the outside of your dealership the first shot the viewer sees. Putting your logo in the bottom corner of the video is also a subtle way to create brand recognition.

5. Your Video Should be Short and Sweet

For years, musicians have abided by the “don’t bore us, get to the chorus” philosophy when it comes to writing songs. When producing your dealership walk-around video, you also need to keep things short and sweet.

The modern consumer has a short attention span, which is why getting right to the point is vital. The longer your video is, the harder it will be for you to keep watchers interested in what you are showing them. Ideally, you want to keep your videos at about the two to four-minute mark for maximum impact.

The Professional Help You Need

Unless you have extensive video production and marketing experience, you will need to seek out some professional assistance when attempting to create walk-around videos. The team at Tier10 is passionate about providing our clients with customized and appealing video marketing solutions. Contact us now to find out more about the services we offer.