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6 New Social Media Marketing Tools the Experts Use | Tier10lab

6 New Social Media Marketing Tools the Experts Use

Tier10 | On 21, May 2020

Creating a knockout punch on social media isn’t an overnight success kind of thing. You can’t just sprinkle a few mentions, add a pinch of curated content, and Voila! Unfortunately, there just isn’t any magical recipe. That said, with the right combination of social media marketing tools and a solid social media marketing strategy, you can see some pretty amazing results.

Armed with your strategic vision, brush up on today’s trends. Blending today’s social media best practices and a repertoire of social media marketing tools is the next best thing if you don’t have a magic potion just laying around.

What is Social Media Marketing – and is it really that important?

Hang on to your hat – absolutely! Social media marketing is not only cost-effective, it basically allows you infinite visibility growth and awareness with no out-of-pocket costs.

But – if you want to really tap into that exponential growth potential, you have to give it a little bit of a boost. You’re not going to dominate the social media arena without a few social media marketing tools in your belt.

Social media marketing tools help you find more content, schedule it to post at the most beneficial times, and helps measure your campaigns’ effectiveness. The resulting information is actionable insight that can help drive and improve your overall social media presence.

6 New Social Media Marketing Tools You Should Start Using Right Now

There are social media marketing tools for every aspect of every campaign, such as for:

  • Lead generation
  • Buyer personas
  • Security
  • Analytics
  • Content creation
  • Monitoring

Here are our picks for the best new tools you should add to your arsenal.


Making sure you target just the right consumer has a lot to do with understanding buyer personas. Socedo does that research for you, discovering people via social media who fit your desired buyer personas. Socedo looks at the real-time behavior of the social media populace and places each person into a category, creating an “audience”. When you discover your audience, Socedo lets you divide those people into as many segments as you like. Your segments can be hyperpersonalized or broad and general. Either way, you’re optimally set to ensure the right content and campaigns reach the most relevant segments of your audience.


Security is important online, and especially on social media. While LastPasswasn’t designed for social media per se, it’s still an incredibly useful tool. LastPass encrypts your passwords for all websites you frequent and saves them in a vault. You can use LastPass to craft uber-strong passwords for all of your social media accounts. You’ll create one master password for use with LastPass, and once you login to your account, the app automatically enters login details whenever you access one of your social media accounts.


If you ever wanted to watch your marketing campaigns grow exponentially, Analisa.io is the tool you’ve been waiting for. Analisa.io provides a host of social media marketing tools to monitor everything from profiles to mentions and hashtags. It’s the perfect answer to:

  • Checking out what your competition is doing
  • Monitoring your own campaign performance
  • Tweaking profile engagement
  • Connecting with actual influencers

While there is a paid, $59/month plan that provides access to Analisa.io’s entire suite of marketing tools, the majority of the tools you need to create a substantial difference in your campaigns are included with the app’s free plan. If you’re considering an entire overall of your social media strategy, the paid plan is perfect.


Content creation is paramount in any social media marketing strategy. If your strategy includes such sites as Pinterest or Instagram, Tailwind is a tool that lets you pin to several boards simultaneously, upload content in bulk, and schedule your posts in advance. Automating some of your social actions can cut down the amount of time you spend dramatically. Tailwind even comes with a drag & drop calendar perfect for scheduling your content.


Social media marketing tools need to be tough. If they’re really worth their weight, they should be really difficult to master and use, right?


Take a look at SocialOomph. Looks pretty simple, huh? It’s this app’s functionality that’ll have you wondering why you never considered it. SocialOomph, like Tailwind, allows multiple post uploads and singular scheduling. While Tailwind is best for social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, where the focus is more on images and graphics, SocialOomph works amazing across all platforms. You’ll get to choose where to put which content types and when it’s to go live. Manage all of your social platforms from one spot.


Final Thoughts

These tools can help you build a social media toolbox that sets you high above your competition. A set of tools not touched on above are those of graphics, animation, design, and images, such as:

Consider using the above graphic design and video tools in conjunction with the tools provided above to really ace your social media game, but remember – creating a social media marketing strategy is just the first step to success. Implement and master the above social media marketing tools to form an effective strategical sales process.