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The Top 3 Auto Brands on Instagram

July 29, 2014 |

Luxury automakers on Instagram are beginning to step up their consumer interaction game. While many brands are still using the site to repost showroom photos and auto show videos, a solid handful are engaging with their audience on a unique and significant level. Companies like BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz have figured out the perfect storm of sharing behind-the-scenes details about new models, promoting posts from popular users, and using witty timing in order to capture the Instagram market. Read More

Airbnb Rebrand Points Towards Larger Logo Trend

July 21, 2014 |

Last week, Airbnb, the accommodation marketplace startup, announced a massive redesign of its entire brand with more emphasis on the website and mobile apps. Read More

10 Great Examples of Brand Storytelling

July 15, 2014 |

As social media continues to grow, brands are using a variety of marketing techniques to sell their products and messages. A particularly popular method is brand storytelling which is simply brands using traditional storytelling to share their core values and outshine the competition. Here are 10 examples of brand storytelling. Read More

The Top 3 Brands Who Crushed Real-Time Marketing During the World Cup

July 10, 2014 |

As the 2014 FIFA World Cup comes to an end, it becomes clear that a handful of brands have risen to the top on social media sites like Twitter. Read More

Toyota Unveils its Tesla Challenger

June 30, 2014 |

Toyota has announced its latest endeavor into environmentally friendly vehicles last week, their first hydrogen fuel cell commercial car known simply as the FCV (short for fuel cell vehicle). The 2015 sedan, modeled after the concept revealed at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, is launching in Japan initially for roughly $70,000. Read More

Why did Tesla release all of its patents?

June 16, 2014 |

Late last week, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk announced that the electric car company would be releasing all its patents, those for the cars and for its Supercharger stations, to anyone interested in them. Musk believes that rather than create competition, this bold move will promote the further development of much needed electric-vehicle technology. Read More

Can Yahoo’s New Video Site Dethrone YouTube?

June 5, 2014 |

This summer, Yahoo plans to unveil a video service that will potentially rival YouTube. The company is targeting creators who are unhappy with YouTube’s overall system, particularly the ad rates and revenue sharing deals. Read More

Pinterest Transitions Toward Generating Ad Revenue

May 20, 2014 |

In the last month, Pinterest has expanded its platform with new marketing tools and service offerings. Read More